Deg podcast – Pat and Ste on process, cats, never speaking to one another

Ste Pickford and I have spoken three times in the past 20 years. We saw each other once in 1998 for a Wetrix press event, once in an airport just before travelling to Los Angeles (this was in 1999, I think), and then spoke once via Skype to make this podcast last week. You can’t rush artistic relationships.

Ste illustrated Deg, and I had no input in his work other than providing the base material. He read the text, we exchanged some emails, and he produced the beautiful images you’ll find on the cover and at the beginning of every chapter.

Here we chat about some of the details of Deg’s text, as well as Ste’s approach to the creation of his images. You can buy the book from Amazon or Urbane’s website.



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