Deg – an interview and an explanation of its art

A very nice lady named Sonya interviewed me about Deg for her blog, A Lover of Books, allowing me a little room to explain how, and why, my first novel came to be.

Here’s a snippet:

Deg is screen culture paranoia, anarchic politics and drug exploration written in an automatic, surrealist style. I wrote it in a fit of desperation I doubt I could ever replicate. The diary element to its method set the form of my further books, but it now seems that opinion and inspiration based on imaginary input will always be subservient to reportage for me. Deg was likely a once in a lifetime event.

Head through the link for the full thing.

Deg wouldn’t be complete without Ste Pickford’s art, of course. Ste’s currently publishing blog posts explaining his thinking behind his illustrations’ creation, which include previously unseen work-in-progress images and a fascinating insight into his process. You should absolutely check this out.


Don’t forget to buy the book, if you already haven’t. Buy it again if you have. Buy it three times. Just buy it. Get it directly from Urbane if you suffer any moral dilemmas by shopping on Amazon.



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