Unbelievably, I’ve signed a deal for my first novel


In a somewhat bewildering turn of events, I’ve signed an actual contract. My first novel is to be released by amazing indie publisher Urbane.

Title, release date, cover, and details of a very special art collaboration of which I’m completely thrilled will all be announced later, but just writing these words is forming a reality I can barely believe exists. I will have my novel. On paper. In my hands. In your hands, hopefully.

I can’t tell you have pleased I am to have found a publisher willing to take a risk on my book. It’s a difficult project, but the conversations I’ve had in the run-up to this announcement have shown a perfect understanding of what I was trying to achieve. As the trillions of “perseverance” sound-bites have it, it only took one person to say yes.

I don’t really have anything else to say. Braindead happy.


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