Pre-Ooning short story mission

Hope you enjoyed Chicken. Writing short stories is a great way of passing the time before I get back into editing the Ooning, which I’m not allowed to touch until March 12. You’re supposed to try to completely forget the ups and downs of your draft before you retackle, and I’m finally starting to feel it slip away. Writing other stuff helps.

I’ve got time to complete another small piece before I start the Ooning’s third draft, and I’m going to try to sell this one. Not entirely sure what the subject matter’s going to be as yet, but the words are coming easily at the moment so I’m going to take advantage and just see what happens. I doubt it’ll be along the lines of Chicken or the Chair, though. Can’t see short story collections have too much time for serial death fiction.

That said, today was a good example of how you shouldn’t be scared of your content. I was concerned at the severity of Chicken, but after speaking to a few people about it I remembered I’m hardly the first person in the world to write about killing people. Publish and be damned. Just hopefully not too damned.


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