Fiddling with Hunter S Thompson’s lighthouse after work

I fiddled about with Misery Guts’ design, and even updated my profile shot. We’re so pretty.

I’ve been getting on decently with the short story, but I think I’m going to enter it into a competition rather than posting it here straight away. It’s probably the most I’ve worked at setting a piece of fiction, so it’ll worth seeing if it gets anywhere. I’m going to put it into the Bridport Prize. Not really sure why I shouldn’t.

I’m writing a lot more at work at the moment, which is pleasing. I looked back at Metro 2033 and Darksiders yesterday, and put in two opinion pieces last week, one on the likelihood on new consoles being announced this year and one on Apple’s place in gaming. I’m working on a feature based on a trip I attended just before the Christmas break, which I’m hoping to get completely cleared up next week, and I’ve started on a much larger VG247 project we’re keeping under wraps for the time being.

I also had some exciting news this week about a release we’re making in the middle of February; more on that soon. And, finally, I did some freelance for T3 magazine yesterday, talking about Vita’s chances. Fiona has to take a new headshot of me for that, hence the picture change.

Randomly, Bloomsbury’s started sending me review copies of books. This is incredibly cool. Not a million percent sure how it happened, but a copy of William Stephenson’s Gonzo Republic: Hunter S Thompson’s America is winging its way over from the UK. It’s out on February 20, the seventh anniversary of Thompson’s suicide. I’ll put a verdict up here soon.

It’ll have to wait until I finish Virginia Woolf’s To The Lighthouse. I know I’m redefining the term, “Late to the party,” but it’s just staggering. Such a beautiful book. It’s quite something to feel as though you’re drowning when you read. Inspirational in absolutely the best way.

All of this isn’t helping my fiction production too much, but I get to write for a living and someone’s sending me a free book; I doubt I could be luckier.


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