Announcing my first novel – The Ooning

My first novel is called The Ooning. Eurogamer’s Martin Taylor has made its promotional site, which includes first details of the plot:

“AFTER A TEENAGE drugs binge ends in disaster, Christopher Coal spends the next decade burying self-hate in fear and drink. Forced to face his past, he finds himself in a Welsh village full of idiots, killers and occultism, struggling to solve a riddle destined to either absolve or destroy him.”

I’m well into the final proof now; I’ve completed nearly 120 pages of just over 200. I will get this through the door this month. You will then buy it for £0.99 on digital platforms, or for a soon-to-be-determined price as a paper copy. You’ll be please to hear it involves wanking, so breathe easy. I should have a firm release date soon.


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