The Yellow Brick Road

Going to scrap the imaginary thing. It’d be veering from the Yellow Brick Road. Had some inspiring feedback from the last story, so I’m going to make like a postage stamp: stick to it until it gets there.

E3 and Meredith’s birthday are over now, so I should be able to find some time for some extra writing over the next month. It’s “silly season” at work, and it’ll stay very busy until mid-November at the least, but I’m taking a week’s holiday (!) at the beginning of July and the general VG247 workload is finally becoming manageable as the team matures. It’s better now.

The woods are beyond the luminous spring green and are starting to settle. Going to spend a few nights alone out in the deeper forest over the summer, and I’m sure I’ll take some material from that. I want to produce something longer next.


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